Decorative Art

Beeswax candles in a variety of colors by StickCandles are hand-cast from real maple tree branches. Original still life paintings of fruit and flowers are by Andrea Garry, elegant trays and linens from Avenida Home are based on original art of the natural world, and wreaths adorned with either red or pale yellow ribbon are made of preserved boxwood.

Paintings by Andrea Garry

“I love getting lost in the intense study and observation of an object, flower, or landscape and the effects of light”.

Andrea Garry, a graduate of the NYC’s High School of Art and Design received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Parsons School of Design. After college, Andrea worked as an art director in an advertising agency. She then changed careers and attained her Doctorate of Psychology in 1997 and is currently in private practice in Westchester County, NY.

Andrea always wanted to apply her early studies to painting, and in 2013, she began to realize that dream. She has studied still life oil painting and soon after added plein air painting, painting in the open air.

Beeswax Candles

These 100% beeswax candles are hand cast from sticks, twigs, and branches and are poured one at a time. They are shaped by molds from a section of branch with nature and immature nodes and smooth bark.

15 Inches Tall ~Universal Base fits 5/8″ to 1″ ~14 Hour Burn Time ~sold as a pair. Handmade in Highlands, North Carolina.

“In short, when someone tells me about their experience with a candle that I made ~It doesn’t point to me. It points to the shape of that cutting. Beauty in Nature. Wow: What could be better than that?”

Avenida Home

Avenida Home transforms everyday items into works of art that delight the senses and create a joyous feast for the eyes. Inspired by artistic excellence, their handmade coasters, placemats, fine linen tablecloths and decorative picture trays are beautiful, practical and collectible.