Welcome Challenges

I recently moved and said goodbye to the garden I had cultivated for over 20 years to a bigger property with many challenges. I have spots of sun that I never had before and a hill that had to be cleared. For the patio planters, I filled them with perennials purchased from Beds and Borders […]

New Horizons

It is has been a year of many unexpected twists and turns. It is no surprise that I am the most comfortable in the northeast. My body and mind immediately relax when I am close to Vermont’s rolling hills, far-off green vistas, silver maples, birches, cold quarries and red barns. This month I found myself […]

Colorado Calling

Hiking the Lupine Trail in Crested Butte reminds me to travel more to find beauty.

By the Light of a Full Moon

We had a lovely day today trekking down to the Clarendon gorge and searching for Antique Vermont crocks. Before another delicious meal from Sissy’s, I caught the full moon rising from the east through the birches over a stone wall.

Fabulous Feathers

March 2020 – My brother, Alex, photographed this barred owl outside the kitchen window at the farmhouse. Its contrasting brown and white vertical and horizontal feather patterns create a beautiful mosaic. While Vermont in March- known as mud season- can be damp, cold and wet, today the sun offers a welcome glimpse into spring.

Blissful Grazing

June 2020 – Just down the road, this is one of our neighbor’s cows on a typical and beautiful summer Vermont day.

With Loss Comes Renewal

This summer garden of fern, cone flower and chives is on the site of what was once a horse barn. What we lost when the beautifully weathered barn boards came down, we’ve gained in a new garden!

My Beloved Vermont

I do not consider myself a writer nor a photographer. Before the pandemic I didn’t really have the time or desire to document my observations of the natural world. Since the pandemic, when not arranging flowers or meeting with customers, I have been fortunate to  more clearly see the world outside my door, whether it […]